Considering Label Competitions?

Those that are in the field of design often like to take on various challenges. For those who specialise in label design, many are interested in becoming involved in label competitions.

What are Label Competitions?

These are competitions which print designers can enter, to showcase their designs and expertise. They sometimes come under the competition category of graphic design competitions. They are a challenge that has become very popular not only in the UK but in other parts of the world.

Why Enter a Label Competition?

Many design companies, as well as individual design artists, have several different reasons for entering into label competitions. Some of these reasons are:

  • It boosts the confidence of the designer.
  • It allows them to compare their work against other label designers.
  • It can promote the company brand if they win.
  • It can create enthusiasm among the label design staff of a company.

How Difficult are These Competitions?

How difficult the competition will depend on many factors. One factor is the entry requirements along with the level of judging. One of the most popular and prestigious label competitions is the yearly event held by Finat.

What Do the Judges Look For?

There are many different components of each label being judged which will be scrutinised by the label judges. They will factor in the various processes that have been used for label printing. They will look at the quality of the ink being used, as well as for clean lines and crisp graphics. They will judge the designs on their merits. They will determine which labels tell the best and most accurate story about the product they are going to be used on.

Most label design competitions are developed in such a way that they will push the participants to their limits. They will focus on the best of the best, in both design and production.