Design Trends in the Labelling Industry

Every industry has to focus on trends if they want to stay on par with their competition and the label design industry is not exempted from this. These trends occur at different paces. When it comes to label designs, these seem to take place every year.

Simple But Effective

Design goes through trends where for a time they are complex then they resort back to simplicity. This is a common occurrence in label designs. The current trend is to keep the label design simple. This is based on the premise that consumers are too busy to be able to take the time to absorb what complex designs might depict.


Technology advancements are prominent in the label industry. Now there are many more options for lettering and print compared to the past. Many designers are stepping out of the box and creating their own unique hand lettering. This appears to be one of the latest trends. This is not a new approach but one that has been popular in the past then after a period it gets pushed to the bottom of design trends.


Designers are putting more emphasis on colours now because they have discovered the extra benefits of doing this. In the past colour was concentrated on for its ability to enhance the appearance of the product.

Now it is becoming evident that consumers will use colour as a way of remembering a specific product when they cannot recall the name of it.

Successful designers have to make sure that they are constantly aware of what the latest label design trends are.

They have to maintain their ability to make their designs unique but still stay on par with the tends. Designers who do not do this run the risk of becoming outdated in their creativity.

Label designers must keep in mind that trends change on a regular basis.