Looking at the Printing Industry

Every industry plays a vital role in the economy of the country it is present in. In the UK the print industry is one that is heavily relied on to enhance the economy. It is also an industry that the country is very proud of and there is some interesting data that supports the importance of the print industry in the UK.

On the World Stage

The United Kingdom as of 2016 held the position of being the fifth largest producer throughout the world for printed products. This is significant when a country has to outline the industries that are bringing them the most recognition on the world stage.

Employment Opportunities

Job opportunities is another aspect that directly influences the economy. The print industry is proud to be able to provide employment for 116,000 employees as of 2016. Positions in the print industry are provided by the 8,400 companies that make up this industry.

There are many different types of job opportunities that arise in this industry. It begins with the designers who are imperative to the success of the rest of the print industry. Then from this division, there is a large number of positions that must be filled by the print division. With the introduction of new technology for both of these print divisions, it is imperative that enough skilled labourers are readily available to fill the needs.

Print Industry Supporting Other Industries

Almost every industry relies on the print industry in some way. One could imagine the problems that companies would face if they did not have print designers and print producers to rely on. Many companies can now produce some of their own print materials in house, but this is not feasible for many reasons when the print is needed on a large scale.

For this reason alone it is imperative that other industries recognise the importance of the print industry and support it as much as possible.